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January 11, 2017

It’s Worth It…..

When I read the article, I started doing fist pumps in the air. It’s only 344 words.  The biggest word he uses is responsibility. HERE’S A DUDE WHO GETS IT!!!  HERE’S A DUDE WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT I’VE BEEN FEELING, SAYING, YELLING ABOUT FOR SOOOOOOOO MANY YEARS NOW. ENTITLEMENT IS OPTIONAL.  ENTITLEMENT IS STUPID.  ENTITLEMENT IS A CHOICE. Man, that feels good…..(I mean, how many of us get pissed off when we have to interact with an entitled moron out there???) And then I reread the article again. And again. And then I stopped fist pumping and read it another time. It’s just 344 simple words but what he lays out as an argument about Entitlement are as complex as the Russian stacking dolls. ‘ Unstack a sentence and it leads to even deeper mental rabbit holes. What’s it have to do with real estate and investing? EVERYTHING.  Literally….EVERY DAMN THING. Who among […]
January 9, 2017

Groundhog Day is in 22 days….

I love the movie with Bill Murray, don’t you? It’s a cute story filled with humor, lovey-dovey moments, and makes you feel good about your life and the chance to control the ending. Real Estate investing is similar to the movie, too… have those moments of lovey-dovey, you feel good about your life and the chance to control the ending–your Financial Freedom.  And like the movie, it can easily repeat itself to the point of being quite annoying.  Expensive, too. See if you can identify with any of the Top 7 most repeated rental property Groundhog Day-esque moments: #7: Slamming a marginally qualified tenant into a vacant property because it’s been vacant so long that the spiders and ants have begun playing formalized games of cricket and soccer on your carpets.  Two months later, you end up evicting that tenant and you’re now worse off than before. #6:  Ignoring that […]
January 4, 2017

Luxury Apartment Boom–is it going Bust?

If you own or are considering owning high end apartments as rental properties, do yourself a favor and check out this article from the WSJ. When a reporter uses vocabulary including “rough conditions” and “slash rents” and “deep concessions” and “glut of supply” ALL in the same sentence, that’s a not-so-subtle hint of the valuable information in the news article. Luxury Apartment Boom Looks Set to Fizzle in 2017 – WSJ Certainly, every market segment from first-time renters to move-up renters to empty-nesters has an ebb and flow to it.  It’s capitalism and the forces Adam Smith described centuries ago. What you do with this information is the critical point and take away. Depending on your current interests, this could also be a buying opportunity for some savvy investors to pick up units from distressed landlords. As always, here’s to your pursuit of Financial Freedom!    
December 26, 2016

New Year’s Resolution for 2017

Skip the perennial “I’ll join a gym this year”… something that will truly pack a punch for your Financial Freedom in 2017.  
December 21, 2016

What makes an excellent Property Manager?

What is the baseline for an excellent Property Manager? I get this question from landlords frequently as they attempt to wrap their heads around a seemingly similar commodity of service providers.  Most charge about the same amount for their monthly fees, most say they will do a great job.  So how in the Hell do you tell which one will actually deliver and do an excellent job? GRIT.  Pure GRIT. Find the property manager who has the passion and perseverance for the job.  Find the guy or gal who can overcome the physical, emotional, and unknown obstacles day in and day out. Find the property manager who doesn’t have just a simple enthusiasm to earn your business.  Almost any fool can be enthusiastic…especially when they want your money. Find the one who has the endurance. Endurance is RARE….find the one who has the ability to endure.  You’re not running a […]

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