June 28, 2016

Evictions….weird for sure….

To avoid burnout in this industry of real estate rentals, you gotta step back and laugh sometimes at yourself and others. Evictions suck to be sure. But at least you can be thankful you didn’t have any of these 7 weird evictions happen to you.  
June 20, 2016

Why You Should NOT Own Rental Properties….perhaps.

  Some investments just are not good for everyone.  Real estate is one of those investments. If you identify with any of these following Top 7 Reasons why investors fail in real estate investing, please seek professional guidance before something goes catastrophically wrong for you. Insufficient Capital–things break, plans go sideways, tenants misbehave.  This is, in my professional experience and opinion, the Number One reason investors go crazy or go broke.  Almost every investor I know can easily, if not guided by hard numbers and calculations compared to ‘their gut, their instinct’, will commonly Over-Estimate Revenue and Under-Estimate Expenses.  Both cause trouble, but in different ways. Inability to Control Your Emotions–The old saying of “If it was easy, everyone would do it certainly applies to real estate investing.  The ability to control your responses to certain events is what separates the folks who last in the business and those who flame […]
June 7, 2016

May 2016 Rental Stats Indianapolis Area

The rental market for the month of May was a busy one with brisk leasing activity and a lower Days On Market (“DOM”) for most market areas, but not all market areas. Here’s the full report:  Indy Rental Stats May 2016 Happy Investing!