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June 28, 2016
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July 8, 2016
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Your Freedom


Our Constitutional Republic just celebrated the 240th Anniversary of Freedom yesterday.

Assuming you celebrated and still have all your appendages from shooting off fireworks, it’s back to the daily grind of working on your Financial Freedom.

I’d like to throw this question out there for comment:

What ONE thing could you do this month that would put you a step closer to your Financial Freedom?

Just like you, I get sidetracked and bombarded with the Urgent but Not Important issues in my daily activities.  This simple question keeps me grounded and gets me refocused on my Financial Freedom.  Sometimes the answer for me is as simple as shutting off my Outlook notification on the computer so I don’t get distracted when working on a project with incoming emails.  Other times, it’s asking my insurance agent to pull together new numbers on our properties policies.  And other times, it’s scrolling through upcoming lease expiration dates well-in-advance to anticipate the costs of HOA fees next year, property taxes, etc so I can have the numbers at hand to justify a rent price increase to Tenants.

Financial Freedom is certainly not Free.  It costs effort and a foregoing of more pleasurable pursuits in the current time in order to achieve it in the future.

How much is your Financial Freedom worth to you?

Certainly it’s worth answering just this ONE question today.  Here’s some areas of your rental business to perhaps look for answers:

  • Am I repeatedly answering the same questions from Landlord clients or Tenants?
  • Is there too many days in between leases ending and new leases beginning?
  • Am I charging my Landlord clients appropriately for value-added services?
  • Am I charging my Tenants for value-added services?
  • Am I running P/L reports on my properties each month to know what my trends are for each unit in terms of NOI?

Until next week, here’s to your Financial Freedom!

Dan Baldini


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