In Case of Emergency…

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July 5, 2016
In Case of Emergency, Part II….
July 8, 2016
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In Case of Emergency…

Run rental properties long enough and it will happen to you.

You rent to a wonderful person who pays their rent on time each month, never complains, and keeps the property spotless.

I’m talking a true breath of fresh air.


Then, all of a sudden, she misses the rent payment.  Weird, huh?  She’s never missed a payment.  So like a good landlord or property manager you call her and you get voicemail.  Two days go by without any return call.  Completely not like her.

You send her an email.  No response.

You send her a text message.  Still zero communication.

Now a bit of panic starts to set in.  You leave her another voicemail saying you’d like to stop by to talk with her on Thursday after work.  Your mind starts wandering thinking things like “Did she move out in the middle of the night and just not tell me?”…..just not like her.

You arrive at her property, ring the doorbell, nobody answers.  You unlock the door using the key you brought with you and go inside.  All her stuff is still neatly in place.  Food is in the fridge.  Nothing is out of place.


Then, a few hours later your phone rings.  A person introduces himself as your tenant’s best friend and proceeds to tell you that your tenant was in a major car accident and is in surgery at the local hospital. A huge lump jams your throat.  Ugh.

The friend then hurriedly tells you he needs access to the property to pick up a few personal items and some legal paperwork for your tenant in the hospital.

Here’s the question:  What do you do?

I’ll post some suggestions on how you could and should handle this real-life situation in tomorrow’s post.

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