If it’s Chunky grab it–If it’s runny Dab it

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July 11, 2016
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If it’s Chunky grab it–If it’s runny Dab it


Your Financial Freedom with rental properties is achieved by improving your margins for continuous profitability.

This improvement should include how to instruct your tenants on best practices to clean up the “Whoopsies” they make or perhaps their pets make.

I asked one of my favorite contractors to do a quick write up on what he tells his customers on how to handle spills and such.

Here’s the advice from Todd Francis, Owner of First Serve Cleaning and Restoration.

“One of the most common mistakes we see that homeowner’s make is Scrubbing carpet to get a spot out.  They think “if I just scrub a little bit harder-put some elbow grease into it, maybe just maybe this spot will come out”.  What you will end up with is a section of carpet that is damaged as a result of your scrubbing and more than likely the spot will still be noticeable.  That’s the last thing you want to do!!  

First, you want to determine if it’s a liquid or a solid.  If it’s a liquid you want to grab a plain colored beach type towel…something with some thickness to it.  Soak up all the excess.  Grab another towel if needed and repeat until the towel is dry to the touch.  Then place a clean towel on the area and place something heavy on top and leave it alone for several hours.  The idea is that the moisture will wick up into the towel.  Only then would I use some sort of home Bissell type machine and flush hot water only through the affected area. Keep in mind that adding too much hot water from a home machine can cause that spot to become larger and more of a headache. Like scrubbing, another common mistake we see is that customers use too much detergent on their carpet… if a little works then a little more works better.  Not true.

If it’s a solid you want to avoid pushing the substance any deeper into the carpet.  Lightly grab it and assess the situation.  Some spots can be removed simply by using a hot damp towel and dabbing it.  Other spots will need professional help. 

Do your best to not overreact because that’s when you make bad decisions.  Think of spot removal as layering in reverse.  Remove what you can little by little and only add moisture to flush out the spot as a last resort.” 

If you’d like more information or would like to contact the fine folks at First Serve, here’s their information.  

They have always served my clients and landlords well.

First Serve Basic Layout

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