The Big Why…

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July 22, 2016
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The Big Why…

So a friend asked me yesterday about my

Big Why….“Why did I recently announce that I am writing a book about property management and leasing and rentals?  Especially when nobody reads anymore these days.”

(He’s an Asshole like that…but he’s also a good friend who knows me well.)

Here the synopsis of my answer in a stream of consciousness during the phone call.

When I was done rambling, he said,”Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Never heard anyone put it like that before….”

“You know, there’s days in my job where I get F’ing tired of having to un-F*** the shit that landlords put up with from their management companies or worse that they bring upon themselves. I’m the one that has to make the sucky phone calls to these people and tell them we have no good news for them, it sucks, and there’s no magic wand to make it go away and it pisses me off.

These are mostly good people who bought rental properties, thinking it was a way for them to retire early from a job they hate.  

Or a way to help save money for their kids college.  

Or a way to keep their heads above water when they can’t sell the home and have to move.

Or when someone buys a rental property after reading some bullshit book titled “How To Be A Landlord with Zero Money Down” and six months later realizes Holy Shit–this is not what they said it would be like and now they can’t stop the bleeding each month.

Or when life takes a big old crap on them like a death of a spouse and they have no choice but to accept a tough situation.

But what’s worse is that I don’t think people truly understand just how full of choices their lives could be if they just understood a tiny bit more of how this stuff works in the real world, not the world of HGTV and get-rich-quick seminars. There’s a link between your financial freedom and your understanding of finances and money and risk and return and I think that perhaps, maybe, just maybe, that if more people understood how this stuff works they could have more choices, better choices for themselves, for their families.

They are so controlled by the tyranny of the Now. They can’t dream and plan because of the muck of the emergency in front of them.   They can’t consider retiring comfortably because their kids need new clothes.

Maybe if people had more financial freedom, they could reach out to their friends in need.  

To their churches who are in need.

To their government who is in desperate need of good honest people. 

A bit of breathing room.  Some free time to push away the tyranny.

Maybe if this works out, our world wouldn’t be so F’ing screwed up right now.

So, yeah, I guess I’m gonna write a book.  Hell if I know how many people will read it.  Maybe 100 people, maybe 10,000.  Maybe 1.

But One is still better than Zero.”


  1. Phil L says:

    I’m in the dentist chair, they have a TV to watch while your being worked on. HGTV Property Brothers show was on.
    Total fantasy compared to what I see in my daily practice in real estate. The license law where they practice must be very lame.
    Do it Dan, put some common sense out there to help people treat their property like the ASSET it is.

    • Dan Baldini says:

      Thanks, Phil, for the encouragement. You hit it right on the head–common sense which isn’t so common anymore.

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