Are we in another Housing Bubble already?

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August 30, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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Are we in another Housing Bubble already?



Kids like bubbles.  Even dogs like bubbles.

Real Estate Investors typically don’t like bubbles.  But it doesn’t have to be that way if you think about it….

A recent article on CNBC highlights the possible statistics pointing to another Housing Bubble for specific States and Cities in the US.

However, unlike the last major bubble, the underlying forces causing this bubble are distinctively different.

Here’s the full article link:

My favorite Take-Away paragraph from the entire article is this….

“Rental demand, especially for single-family homes, is very strong and is an attractive income stream for individual investors and current homeowners. As millennials age into their prime homebuying years, more than ever before they are choosing to rent single family-homes, because they either don’t meet mortgage credit requirements or are unable to save for a down payment because rents are so high.”

So, if you’re worried how the housing bubble could affect your current portfolio or your ability to grow a new portfolio of rentals, the news isn’t all bad.

As always, here’s to chasing your Financial Freedom!


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