December 26, 2016

New Year’s Resolution for 2017

Skip the perennial “I’ll join a gym this year”… something that will truly pack a punch for your Financial Freedom in 2017.  
December 21, 2016

What makes an excellent Property Manager?

What is the baseline for an excellent Property Manager? I get this question from landlords frequently as they attempt to wrap their heads around a seemingly similar commodity of service providers.  Most charge about the same amount for their monthly fees, most say they will do a great job.  So how in the Hell do you tell which one will actually deliver and do an excellent job? GRIT.  Pure GRIT. Find the property manager who has the passion and perseverance for the job.  Find the guy or gal who can overcome the physical, emotional, and unknown obstacles day in and day out. Find the property manager who doesn’t have just a simple enthusiasm to earn your business.  Almost any fool can be enthusiastic…especially when they want your money. Find the one who has the endurance. Endurance is RARE….find the one who has the ability to endure.  You’re not running a […]
December 17, 2016

Murphy’s 12 Laws of Landlording

Murphy was an optimist….so the joke goes…see how many of these 12 strikes a funny cord with you and go ahead and laugh.  Then learn the lesson.     (ADA moment:  Ever wonder who in the heck Murphy was and why he is famous?  Here’s the backstory:   The time when the weather outside is -25 degrees Fahrenheit is when your Tenant calls to tell you their furnace just stopped working. The time when the weather outside is 102 degrees Fahrenheit is when, yep you guessed it, when your Tenant calls to tell you their Air Conditioning just stopped working. Contractors don’t always play nice. Tenants don’t always play nice. Government officials don’t always play nice.  (Some experienced would make the pointed argument they NEVER play nice….) Just when you think you remembered everything to do is when that one critical thing slips past you. Checks bounce when you […]
December 12, 2016

November and YTD Rental Stats

Here’s the numbers for November for the Schools we track….all stats are pointing to a solid finish to 2016. Indy Rental Stats YTD