Murphy’s 12 Laws of Landlording

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Murphy’s 12 Laws of Landlording

Murphy was an optimist….so the joke goes…see how many of these 12 strikes a funny cord with you and go ahead and laugh.  Then learn the lesson.  


(ADA moment:  Ever wonder who in the heck Murphy was and why he is famous?  Here’s the backstory:


  1. The time when the weather outside is -25 degrees Fahrenheit is when your Tenant calls to tell you their furnace just stopped working.

  2. The time when the weather outside is 102 degrees Fahrenheit is when, yep you guessed it, when your Tenant calls to tell you their Air Conditioning just stopped working.

  3. Contractors don’t always play nice.

  4. Tenants don’t always play nice.

  5. Government officials don’t always play nice.  (Some experienced would make the pointed argument they NEVER play nice….)

  6. Just when you think you remembered everything to do is when that one critical thing slips past you.

  7. Checks bounce when you most need them to clear.

  8. Being nice and going above and beyond can and will get you in trouble.

  9. Paint never goes as far as you think it will go.  Especially when you are short on time to sling the paint.

  10. When in doubt, always save a paper back up copy of important electronic documents.  Murphy is a mean SOB.

  11. Pets sometimes pee in corners of rooms.  So do some two legged animals, unfortunately.

  12. Being an ostrich is expensive.  Your landlord head functions much more efficiently being on a swivel watching everything than being buried in the sand hoping and praying everything is OK.


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