February 20, 2017

2017 is a Fulcrum Year

If there was ever a year with intrepid changes and challenges and opportunities, we are hurtling headlong into it at warp speed, torpedoes be damned. Extreme divisiveness. Extreme ideologies. Which side will be victorious? It depends on where the fulcrum is positioned under the lever. (Remember how a child’s teter-totter works? The chubby kid always won since the fulcrum was always in the middle.) It also depends on if the fulcrum remains stationary or is movable. (Hint:  You’re an adult now….move the damn fulcrum!) I’m not talking about the recent political election or the Democrats or Republicans or the Socialists or the Tiddlywinks.  I’m talking about is the fulcrum of your choices. The choices propelling you towards your freedom or restraining you in continued bondage. 2017 is a fulcrum year because of this single concept: You either have a mastery of your craft or You’re one of those timid cold […]
February 7, 2017

2017 outlook for SFR Owners

“There is a shortage of quality rental housing.” Fist pump time if you’re a Landlord or Investor. That’s the overall opinions of some of the top managers of large, institutional portfolios of single family residences (SFR).  Here’s the link to the brief article:  http://nreionline.com/single-family-housing/top-sfr-owners-plan-grow-2017 It indicates, if demand for SFR’s remains stable, that rent prices should remain solid and absorption rates should be strong.  What it also, indicates however, is that these same large institutional portfolios have new targets–YOU. As a smaller operator of SFR’s, you are seen as the enemy. You’re the competition. You’re who they want to gobble up or squash out of the rental game. So here’s the question for today: These portfolio managers have the spare cash, the human resources, the advanced technology, and the patience to crush you.  How do you plan on continuing to compete against them? Go Guerrilla Warfare style against them. Here’s […]
February 2, 2017

Chuck Yeager: A very slow test pilot who broke the sound barrier.

The Right Stuff.  Astronauts.  Jet planes.  Test pilots. The stuff of childhood dreams.  The stuff adults might want to study again. Chuck Yeager was one of my childhood hero’s and still is one of my adult hero’s, but not simply because he broke the sound barrier.  If you’ve ever read his autobiography, you get a picture of a self-deprecating, fun-loving, Appalachian born man who was born to fill his destiny in history.  He loved to fly.  He had the physical abilities for it.  And he had grit.  Plenty of it. But the real story of Yeager’s success and place in history is that it shouldn’t have happened to him.  Instead, probability says there should be a street named for him at Edwards Air Force Base in California.  Dozens of test pilots with college degrees and more “stick time” than Yeager have streets in their names there.  (Streets at that base […]