Situational Awareness & Your Personal Safety

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April 25, 2017
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May 20, 2017
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Situational Awareness & Your Personal Safety

Today’s blog post is related to your personal safety.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes to read this information and incorporate it into your personal and company protocols.

Dear Colleague,
I am writing to share tragic news from South Bend, where a REALTOR® was brutally attacked and raped last Thursday afternoon while photographing a vacant home (not preparing to show the home or meet a client as the article says). The REALTOR® is a member of the Elkhart County Board whose Association Executive, Julie Alert, told us that an alarm sounded during the attack which caused the attacker to flee and neighbors to call the police. Police arrived to find the REALTOR® unconscious in the basement of the home. No arrests have been made. 
Please take a moment to share this news with everyone you know in the industry, so that it may serve as a reminder that safety precautions are a must for real estate agents. We need to raise awareness and spark safety conversations/planning in brokerage offices across the state. Not one more person should endure what this agent had to live through. Be vigilant. Stick to your office safety plan. No matter what.

Cheryl Stuckwish
2017 President
Indiana Association of REALTORS®

Below is a well-written article from Shooting Illustrated on addressing situational awareness, which is a term that basically means “know what’s going around you to avoid or minimize bad situations.  Even if you are not a friend of firearms, the article’s principles still remain valuable for when you are in your car, walking around, shopping, or even at a baseball game with the family.

Here’s the article:  Situational Awareness

Stay safe, my friends.

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