Why did they do it?

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April 28, 2017
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June 7, 2017
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Why did they do it?

The real estate market is having a record-breaking year.
Agents are selling their listings in literally hours on the market instead of weeks and months.
Yet when reading some of the comments on various social media posts like Twitter and Facebook, you’d think the world was falling apart, planets are about to collide and millions are about to die
  • Agents complaining about how other agents aren’t changing their status in the BLC fast enough to reflect accepted offers.
  • Agents complaining about how inspection responses from Buyers are ridiculous and out of control.
  • Multiple offer scenarios and issues with paperwork.
  • Buyers complaining about a lack of homes to buy.

I’m calling Time Out.  Let’s all take a deep breath and drop our shoulders a half an inch before we all get a migraine. 

Perhaps it’s time we reflect on just how damn good we have it.  We live and work in a time of the greatest experiment in human history.  We live in a constitutional republic, never before attempted.  We enjoy property rights unseen by 99% of the rest of humanity.  We enjoy a legal system where we get to protect our real and personal property.  We can challenge and address government grievances.  We have the ability and freedom to speak our minds, worship as we want, and bear arms to protect our families and property.
As we approach next weekend with our pool parties and the Indy 500 race, let’s take a break and reflect for a few moments how we got to this point of continued freedom.  Let’s quit our collective bitching and complaining and revisit why some farmers, intellectual thinkers, sailors, and even slaves did what they had to do to keep what they had to keep.
Walter Borneman, author of “American Spring:  Lexington, Concord, and the Road to Revolution“, put it best on why we have this freedom.
“As both sides struggled to determine what each had done {after the shots were fired on the Lexington Green}, on the rebel side the events of the day raised the broader question of why they had acted….why they were pursuing a determined, armed resistance against the established government.  There was no one answer, and whatever answers were given varied with the retelling of events and were influenced by the context of the times in which they were told.  With that caveat, it is nonetheless instructive to recount the oft-told tale of Levi Preston of Danvers.
Preston was a young man of eighteen that spring, and his title of captain would come later.  He was one of the Danvers militia who rushed headlong into the fight at Menotomy.  Sixty-seven long years after that fight, when Preston was approaching ninety, Mellen Chamberlain, then a young man of about the same age as Preston had been in 1774, interviewed the old warrior.
Captain Preston,”Chamberlain asked,”what made you go to the Concord fight?”
The old man straightened in his chair and repeated the question.  “What did I go for?”
Yes,”Chamberlain answered. “My histories all tell me you men of the Revolution took up arms against intolerable oppression.  What was it?”
According to Chamberlain, Preston launched into disavowals that it hadn’t been about stamps or tea or taxes or high-minded writings about the principles of liberty. “Well, then,” queried Chamberlain again,”what was the matter?”
Young man,”bristled Captain Preston in reply,”what we meant in fighting the British was this: We always had been free and we meant to be free always!”
It makes a patriotic story.  It may well have been tempered by Preston’s age and Chamberlain’s retelling, but in almost two and a half centuries since that day on Lexington Green and in the fields and hills from Concord to Menotomy, Preston’s reply became the most basic and cherished answer to the question, why did they do it?
As we approach another Memorial Day, let’s be thankful for the brave veterans from Captain Preston to the millions who came after him and made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that these United States, this Great Experiment, did not perish from the face of the Earth.
The petty trials and tribulations of our real estate practices will be there when we get back to them.  These fallen Veterans are never coming back, so it’s our responsibility to never forget them.

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