Respect. It’s all about Respect.

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July 13, 2017
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July 25, 2017
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Respect. It’s all about Respect.

This article might strike you as a bitch-and-moan session, and it is that in one bit, but please read through to the end as it’s quite valuable.  I promise.

Arethra Franklin nailed it with her legendary song…”Give me a little respect….”  {It’s OK if her voice just popped into your head and you started wiggling those hips around and your index finger started pointing up in the air. Move and Groove, baby….}

Earlier this week, I attended a “mandatory” training session for a group I joined.  The training session was to give new members a platform to ensure success in the group, so “training”, right?

Registering and attending cost me a nominal amount of money but it also cost me, most importantly, 3 hours of my time from 3:00 until 6:00 pm on a business day.

Three hours of prime time to do other tasks like Prospecting, Strategic Planning, or even completing email and phone calls.

3 hours.

3 long……tedious……inexcusable hours wasted.

I say wasted because all the information presented could have been, and in fact, SHOULD HAVE BEEN delivered via on-demand video or pre-recorded webinar.  Hell, even a long email would have been better than sitting in uncomfortable chairs listening to the presenter read out of the brochure we had in front of us.  Literally nothing earth-shattering here in the material presented.  In fact, I estimate that 90% of the information presented was a complete rehash of information presented a month earlier in one of our group’s main meetings.

Few things get my feathers ruffled faster than people wasting other people’s time….especially mine.

Ok, rant done.  Now let’s move onto the valuable part of this post.

What did I do the very next day after this head-in-the-hands, torture experiment?

  1. I looked at my company’s operations and how we communicate with our Landlords, Tenants, Contractors, and Employees.
  2. I reviewed how we communicated with them in person, via email, and via phone.
  3. I axed out a few items that were redundant and unnecessary in our weekly team meetings, streamlining them by 20 minutes.
  4. Information that could be communicated faster and with better impact was relegated to emails.
  5. I cancelled face to face meetings on the calendar with two contractors and scheduled phone calls instead.
  6. I resolved to not add a single additional process to our systems if it doesn’t positively impact our communications and operations to make them more efficient….and RESPECTFUL of other’s time.

The outcome I hope for with this internal review/audit is increased delight in other’s when they see we are doing our very best to respect them.

Perhaps the saying is true….you have to go through Hell to see the Light of Truth.


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  1. Becky Blossom says:

    Good article!!- I always feel this way at church through a sermon if it’s too long- did they just take 45 minutes to say something they could have said in 3 minutes? Cut to the chase. The only concern I have is one my husband has drilled into my head from his being a teacher for 31 years- he says “it usually takes people at least 3 times hearing something before they actually HEAR it.” So, sometimes, I re-iterate not to waste time but to insure that the message actually really got through. And I also find that with emails- they can’t be very long because generally people don’t read after the 1st 3 lines. I do think in person meetings that rehash are a rude waste of valuable time. However; for me, sometimes wasting time sitting staring at the wall has proved quite valuable in terms of healing my sanity in this business. ????

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