Waikiki Waves + iphone6 = new iphone7 + Process Interruption….what a beautiful mathematical equation, eh?

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July 25, 2017
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Waikiki Waves + iphone6 = new iphone7 + Process Interruption….what a beautiful mathematical equation, eh?

Ahhhh….Paradise.  Waves, surfing, sunshine, sushi, and luau’s.

This is the story of how I recently re-learned the principle of Process Interruption.

I took the family on vacation to Hawaii this Summer; truly is Paradise on Earth.  One sunny afternoon, as the wifey and I are lounging on the beach, sipping Mai Tai’s, and watching the kids play with their boogie boards in the waves, she looks up from her book and says to me,”Why don’t you go in the water for a bit and join them?”  So I get up and go down to the waves and do what middle age men do best–I proceed to play like a big child in the waves with them (I gave up caring long ago what most of society thinks of my behaviors; the freedom is liberating…you should try it sometime.).

And just like happens with little kids, after 15 minutes of frolicking I get saltwater in my eyes and boy does it sting!.  So, I run up the beach to where the wifey is sitting chuckling at my misery, grab my beach towel and a bottle of water and rinse out my eyes and begin to dry off my face.

All of a sudden my face goes to a contortion with a look of stark terror.  She asks,”What’s wrong?”

I slowly reach down with my left hand into the cargo pocket of my bathing suit, lift out my iphone and say softly to her and myself,”I cannot believe I just did that.  I can’t **(&((^%$ BELIEVE I just went into the *&^^% ocean with my phone in my pocket.”

The next half hour involves me begging the hotel kitchen for a small ziploc bag of rice to put the phone into, yet no avail.  It’s a Hawaiian Wipeout in the most literal sense of the word.  I Uber over to the local phone store, grit my teeth and purchase a new iphone7 with a LifeProof case and head back to the hotel in another Uber while downloading all my apps and email accounts.

Crisis resolved.

As I sit down on the beach, I order another Mai Tai and reflect on what life just taught me with this event.

  1. Humans are creatures of habit.  I love wearing cargo shorts, so naturally when the wifey said I needed a new bathing suit for the trip, I bought a swimsuit with a side cargo pocket.
  2. Humans are creatures of habit.  No, this isn’t a typo.  Since I bought a bathing suit with a cargo pocket, I naturally carried my cellphone in said cargo pocket to the beach.
  3. PROCESS INTERRUPTION MOMENT:  To avoid repeating such a bumble-headed move again like this, my NEW bathing suit since that vacation does not have a cargo pocket.

Interrupting habits or processes intentionally is sometimes the only way to overcome habitual human mental activities.

Now, here’s how this diatribe relates to running your rental operations….Think back over the past week or month.  

  • What bad or unexpected things happened with your rental properties or tenants that caused you mental or financial pain?
    • Was the “unexpected” possible to predict and avoid?
    • If it was possible to predict and avoid, what step or steps can you take IMMEDIATELY to extinguish the possibility of it happening again?

The most common experience I hear about from landlords is the surprise and utter shock they incur when a tenant moves out of a property.  Typically the tenant has been a great tenant, always paying their rent on time, never causing a problem with the neighbors, and hardly ever asking for things to be fixed or repaired.  Then the tenant move out, and when the landlord stops by the property a day or two later, discovers a virtual tornado has gone through the property.  And to add insult to injury, the landlord has a new tenant moving into the property in less than a week.  Oh crap!!!  Now the landlord’s spouse gets on the landlord’s nerves because the landlord is scrambling to line up contractors which are booked weeks out, so the landlord has to end up spending every waking moment and sleeping moment to get the property put back together again before the next tenant moves in.  And all the time the landlord is wondering if this new tenant is going to trash the property and leave the landlord in the lurch once again.

(Side note here for those of you who have read this far:  You can avoid this emotional and financial roller coaster with my soon-to-be available Mindless Moving Checklist…it’s a comprehensive step-by-step checklist that will be available September 1st in the Resource page, but only for Financial Freedom Members at www.DanBaldini.com.  I’ll let everyone know once this is available and online.)

Now, back to our main theme here with a twist….

  • What good or unexpected things happened with your properties or tenants that caused you joy or financial gain?
    • Was the “unexpected” possible to be repeated on command again in the future?
    • If it is possible to cause it to be repeated, what step or steps can you take IMMEDIATELY to cultivate the possibility of it happening again?

See how this Process Interruption can assist you anticipate both the good AND the bad in your daily rental operations?  I guarantee that if you ask yourself these questions, you’ll avoid bad situations and encourage good situations in your business model, which means you’ll reach your Financial Freedom that much faster.

And to think it all started with a beach in Hawaii.


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  1. Becky Blossom says:

    Good analogy and very true- the instant something happens that I do not want to happen again- I try to put a process in place to insure it doesn’t happen again. A wise consultant once taught me that! ????

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