5 Minute Fridays

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August 3, 2017
5 Minute Friday
August 18, 2017
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5 Minute Fridays

(No, the title picture isn’t tilted by accident, it is intentional.  Interrupting Broca’s Region of the brain with unusual visual stimuli wakes up our brain matter.)

Starting next week, I’ll be posting some fun new items for your consumption.  I’ve been asked to do this for some time now, and fortunately the schedule has cleared up enough to do it thanks to streamlined processes added this Summer.

Here’s what is coming for you:

5 Minute Fridays

(yes, 5 balls in the air…..)

This is where I’ll be answering your quick questions in a rapid fire format.  What questions are fair game?  Questions which can be answered in  5 minutes or less, hence the name.  So, pleasse, no long drawn out deep rabbit hole questions.  (For those scenarios, you’ll be best served with this link https://danbaldini.com/resources/private-client-consulting/)  

I guarantee that if you’re thinking of a question about your rentals or your property management operation, there are at least 7 other people on this platform who have the same question, so let ’em fly.  Sharing is caring, as our grade school teachers always reminded us, right?

Here’s some suggested topic areas for you to ponder….

Buying Rental Property
Buying Tenant Occupied Rental Properties

Capital Gain Taxes
Community Issues

Constitutional Issues
Fair Housing

Financing Rental Properties
Income Taxes

Investing in Rental Properties
Landlord Insurance

Legal Issues

Move In Procedures
Move Out Procedures

News & Numbers

Organizing Tips
Preventative Maintenance Tips

Property Maintenance Tips
Property Management

Property Taxes
Property Values

Quick-Win Tips
Rental Rates

Renters Insurance
Risk Management Tips

Security & Safety
Selling A Tenant-Occupied Rental Property

Selling Your Rental Property
Tax issues

Tenant Screening

To send in your questions, simply post a comment below this article, or post it to me on Twitter @DanBaldini.  Depending on how deep the questions are will determine how many questions get answered each week.

Until next Friday, here’s to your Financial Freedom!


  1. Robert Hann says:

    If someone wanted to start buying properties and lives in a state that isn’t landlord friendly, how should they get started?

  2. Peggi Barassi says:

    If a tenant moves out without telling you, cleans out cabinets, closets etc. and leaves the key but also leaves some crappy furniture behind, are you required to store said items or can you just haul them away? In this case, the tenant was a tenant at sufferance, but does that make any difference in your responsibility?

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