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January 16, 2018
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April 5, 2018
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Everything Else is Irrelevant

There are very few Be-All, End-All things in real estate investing, but this is one of them.

This cuts to the marrow, to the bone, to the essence of why The United States of America has grown and continues to grow more Financially Free individuals than the world has ever seen.  It’s not due to our abundant natural resources, nor our exceeding ability to innovate, nor even our financial prowess.  None of those factors matter as much as property rights.  

Hint:  It’s why The Founders chafed under British rule….go back and read your history books again.  The Declaration of Independence.  The US Constitution.  The Amendments to The Constitution.  The 50 different State Constitutions.  They all contain deep breaths of these components for a Free Life.

Even today, we still struggle to protect these property rights.  Without overthinking it too much, here’s four immediate threats to landlords and investors:

  • Over-reaching HOA Rental Restrictions
  • Government Landlord Registration and Inspection requirements
  • Source of Income constraints on rental application denials
  • Government and HOA restrictions on Air BnB rentals

If you don’t understand the immediate implications to you of these four threats, please get educated on them before your property rights are stripped away.  Once taken, it is damn near impossible to get them back.  

Here’s to your continued pursuit of Financial Freedom!


Dan Baldini

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