About Dan

My story began as a way to make more money without having to work more hours.  As you likely know yourself, you reach a point in your life where you realize your "day job" can only make you so much money. Your shoulders slump when you then realize the gap between your earnings and your dreams is bigger than you thought.  How to make that gap smaller without working yourself to death or, ahem, doing something illegal?

Enter the realization that what I needed was a business which would earn me money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without my involvement every minute of the day.  After all, the last thing I needed was a second job.  After seventeen months of researching everything from buying franchises to starting a restaurant to buying an existing business, it hit me right between the eyes.

I should own Rentals.  Lots of rentals.  Cash flows without daily management and involvement.  Tax benefits.  Wealth building assets that are not completely dependent on the whims of Wall Street or politicians.


So began the journey to buy every book, attend every trade conference, join every local REIA meeting, basically become a sponge on everything related to buying, operating and managing rental properties.

In short, I did what most others won't do--I invested the sweat and effort and did the heavy lifting others stop doing once they realize it is damn hard work to create systems out of nothing.  Systems which would provide predictable outcomes for all the weird scenarios landlords and investors run across in their daily operations.

Systems That Provide Financial Freedom.

My collection of resources is almost frightening and I shudder to reflect on how much money I invested over two decades in all the knowledge--but, boy has it been worth every penny.  (Even the crappy books/workbooks I bought early on--I squeezed value out of those by learning what NOT to do....). Every effort over the last 19 years has been to learn how to master every element of the business model, how to refine each part for maximum efficiency.  While my operations aren't quite Six Sigma, they are pretty damn close.  Kaizen has brought me that far and will keep moving me even closer each day.

And it has been a whirlwind experience.  I love the freedom this enterprise has created for me financially.  But even more--I love the freedom it provides me in my lifestyle.

Now my passion is to share these methods with you so that you may experience the Financial Freedom you desire.

  • Dan’s unwavering integrity and relentless passion to be the best in his industry is profoundly transparent to anyone that meets him. Not only have I personally engaged Dan in business, but have referred others to him as well. Dan’s refreshing passion to coach his clients to success is truly unique, and I recommend him highly to anyone seeking truly exceptional real estate/property management services.
    Robert Sanders
    November 2012
  • Since Dan took over the property management for my investment property, I have never once had the unit empty causing me to pay the mortgage. His ability to keep my town-home filled with highly qualified and respectful tenants is simply amazing. I would not trust anyone else with my rental property.
    Kristen Cavallo
  • Before I moved from Greenwood, in to Charlotte, NC in 2012 I did not know if I should rent my house out or go ahead and sell it. The market at the time was not in the best shape and if I did sell my house I was going to take a hit. After meeting with several property management companies I came across Polaris. When I contacted Dan he came to my house in Greenwood the next evening. Dan was confident we could get the house rented quickly and that I would be an “armchair landlord”. I chose Polaris after doing quite a bit of research, checking references, and having all the documents reviewed by my attorney. I left Greenwood for Charlotte in May of 2012 without the house being rented or having any idea of how this was going to turn out. I was nervous about having to pay two mortgages if the house was not rented quickly. True to his word, Dan and his team had the house rented within two weeks. The tenant stayed for the year lease and Polaris rented the house again with only a week between tenants. The second tenant signed a year lease and when the lease expired Dan and his team had a new tenant within seven days. In 2014 I decided to put the house up for sale since the market had come around and I felt confident I would be staying in Charlotte. Dan and his team sold the house for 97% of the asking price. My experience with Dan and his team was positive. They were responsive to my needs and the needs of the tenants. I truly was an “armchair landlord”. Yes, Polaris charged me maintenance fees but they were reasonable and they kept me from having to deal with tenants and maintenance issues. Besides, I was 600 miles away from the investment property. Friends have asked me if I would have used Polaris if I was living in Indianapolis and had the rental in Greenwood. My reply to them was yes. Yes, because Dan and his team have years of property management experience and they advised me on business decisions as I would have made emotional decisions. I would recommend the Polaris team to anyone thinking of or who already has an investment property.
    Mike McKnight

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