It has bugged me for a while now. For years, I've shared with my Client base, real estate agent peers, and friends various newspaper articles, legal updates, and market statistics about topics related to real estate investing and rental property. But I noticed a disturbing trend....

We all have waaaaayyyy too many items competing for our limited attention. Information overload. Further complicating matters is the fact that the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are making it harder to sift through the dirt to find the diamonds. They limit the availability of seeing the information when we want to see it...if we see it at all.

So, instead of continuing to blast out information which you may or may not want on media channels you may or may not be monitoring consistently, I'm changing things up. This new Membership website is the solution. Information you want--when and where you want it.

The fantastic information you receive is grouped into these 4 areas, each designed to help fuel your Financial Freedom differently for a balanced approach.

Process Improvements

Easy wins you can inject immediately into your operations.

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News Articles

Relating to rentals and
property managements

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Reflective Articles

To cause you to think about things we normally don't think about...until it's too late.

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Larger Process Improvements/Overhauls

Of how you operate your rental operations.

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I’ll email you the articles from this week automatically.