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October 18, 2016

Continuing Education for REALTORS–Understanding Residential Property Management & Leasing–Continuing Education

Course Name: Understanding Residential Property Management & Leasing Instructor: Dan Baldini, MBA Sponsoring Organization: RECP Duration of Course 3 Hours CE Credit Instruction Time 150 Minutes Location: ¬†Indiana Wesleyan North–96th & Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis, IN General Course Description: This course provides real estate practitioners with an overview of Professional Property Management Leasing for residential transactions. The practitioner is exposed to various concepts including : Legal and Ethical issues, FDCPA compliance, Types and Reasons for Investment in rental properties, Financial Management, Management of Assets, and Lease Negotiations. Objectives/Direct Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding of Property Management & Leasing functions for residential transactions 2. Understanding basic Financial issues from perspectives of Landlord, Tenant, & Management Company. 3. Understanding basic legal issues from perspectives of Landlord, Tenant, & Management Company.