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November 22, 2016

Year End Planning Questions

Tick Tock…..time stops for nobody. We are quickly approaching the end of the calendar year and for most investors and property managers that means the end of your tax year, too. As such, it’s time to consider how to best wrap up your 2016 for maximum effect towards your Financial Freedom.  Here’s some boxes to flip up the flaps and peer into: YTD P&L:  Yes, it seems like this should be self-evident.  But after counseling hundreds of investors and property owners, what constantly comes across is how frequently this review gets skipped, especially when profits are strong.  However, doing a quick review now is beneficial to compare the P&L to past years to confirm if any expenses are perhaps out of line–both too high and too low.  Both can be valuable indicators of something to dig into deeper.  (Sidenote:  To get a quick and accurate ROI on your property’s profitability […]
October 4, 2017

Rental Fraud–The Good, the Bad….ok, there is no good about it.

Rental Fraud continues to be a scourge on the real estate industry. By attending this educational event, REALTORS will learn: What Rental Fraud is and why it occurs How to recognize it when it occurs How to protect your Seller and Landlord listings if it occurs to You How to protect YOUR REPUTATION if it occurs to Your listings How to report it to the authorities Hosted by Eastern Division of MIBOR. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!